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Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Thu Feb 17 09:55:34 AEDT 2011

Roger Clarke wrote:
> At 11:31 +1100 16/2/11, Tom Worthington wrote:
>> Any suggestions on how to respond to the committee's request would be
>> welcome.
>The Committee Secretary is out of order and/or outdatedly pompous ...

Yes, that was my suspicion, but I might express it a bit more 
diplomatically. Perhaps the House of Representatives needs Senator Lundy 
to come over from the other side of the parliment building and explain 
e-Government to them. ;-)

 > ... But maybe just ignore the letter ...

Yes, I thought that the simplest option. If the committee refuses to 
accept the submission I can then consider what action is appropriate. It 
might make a case study for my e-government students. We could workshop 
revised parliamentary committee rules: 

Greg Taylor wrote:

 > ... There are plenty of ways to enable discussion of a draft submission
 > without placing it on a public website.  ...

I couldn't see a way to make the draft freely available to anyone who 
wanted it, without making it public. I want it indexed by Google and 
other search engines, so people can find it with a search. As an example 
I just had a call from a policy writer at AIIA. They didn't know I had 
written a submission. Also I want anyone to be able to read it without 
having to register or ask my permission.

I could extract a set of keywords from the document and provide them for 
the search engines to index, then have a web page which has a button 
which says "click here to acknowledge that the following document is not 
pubic". But I don't see that achieves much apart from inhibiting public 
discussion of the issues.

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