[LINK] RFI: Change in Telstra Timed-Call Charges

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Fri Feb 18 15:25:20 AEDT 2011

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> Telstra has been doing this for ages ... their business model is not 
> to add services and non-charged content (which seems to be the go in 
> the smaller contenders), but simply to figure out creative ways of 
> maximising their charges and fees.
> Thodey seems to be following the short term shareholder focused 
> management style that has epitomised Telstra since its privatisation. 
> That was OK when they were coining money hand over fist, and accruing 
> huge profits which could be blown on failed overseas ventures with 
> gay abandon - when they had an effective wholesale monopoly ... but 
> doesn't fit the bill when they are looking at being relegated to 
> being 'just another' retailer.
> Telstra better wake up to itself before the NBN does come in, and 
> REALLY focus on providing value, service and content to their 
> existing customer base ... or it will see an exodus to other more 
> customer focused ISP's and comm providers that will give its 
> shareholders nightmares like the Telstra board would not believe.
> Just my 2 cents worth ...
> 					Regards,

The problem with old Farts is that we have seen the cycles, again and

As new CEO's are appointed, they need to make their mark on the Annual
Report, otherwise no pay increase for next year.

Then again, just possibly, Thodey is a realist, or has been given the

"Do something to increase the value of Telstra so that when we break-it
up, spin off the core sections, it will appear as if there are a few
more dollars in the kitty and mum's and dads who know bupkiss about the
underlying data in a balance sheet will see a profitable investment."

Or am I just being too damned cycnical, again.

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