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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Sat Feb 19 11:10:56 AEDT 2011

At 10:10 +1100 19/2/11, Ash Nallawalla wrote:
>All in favour, say Aye:
>Martin Barry
>Robin Whittle
>Ivan Trundle

Speaking as a greybeard, longstanding linker and occasional member of 
list-admin teams, I like the direction we're going in, know at least 
the digital personae who are proposed, and like the mix.

(I guess that's an 'Aye', but with a right of recall in case any 
further interesting ideas emerge later).

A question:

Are the statement of scope, and the modus operandi, still good?

If not, is new-broom time an appropriate stage to reconsider them?

I always depict link as being 'a community of Internet 
policy-watchers'.  (That said, every time I ask a dumb technical 
question I get lots of valuable technical advice;  so we have a 
highly valuable interleave between policy-oriented people and 
technical people with policy interests).

What the site actually says is:


"The Link list is an email discussion list for people interested in 
the development of the internet in Australia although its strays from 
time to time into wider issues of communication.

"Areas of interest vary from time to time but the following topics 
have been of interest -   ...

" ... open and unmoderated. Only list members may post to the list.  ...

"... archived ..."

That still sounds pretty good.  Maybe we should leave well alone.

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