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Roger Clarke Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au
Sat Feb 19 13:14:27 AEDT 2011

At 11:21 +1000 19/2/11, Greg Taylor wrote:
>Why not move to an online discussion forum?

Nice analysis, thanks Greg.  Of course.

Any f'r'instances, re software/service and/or openly accessible fora 
that we can use to get a feel for their style?


>- email addresses are not exposed
>- only subject postings of interest need to be downloaded by each subscriber
>- RSS feeds are available for those with the need for immediate
>notification of new messages
>- forum software is now quite sophisticated and easy to install,
>maintain and administer
>- topic categorisation is enforced
>- posting blunders can be easily corrected.
>- more public (although since the link list is currently archived
>online, this is a moot point)
>- may attract spammers (but there are ways to manage this)
>- usually needs a LAMP hosting service, but these are now cheap,
>reliable and accessible. Maybe ANU can provide the service anyway. It's
>easy enough to set up.
>No doubt there will be opposition to such a radical suggestion, but
>let's discuss it.


>On 2011/02/19 10:10 AM, Roger Clarke wrote:
>>  At 10:10 +1100 19/2/11, Ash Nallawalla wrote:
>>>  All in favour, say Aye:
>>>  Martin Barry
>>>  Robin Whittle
>>>  Ivan Trundle
>>  Speaking as a greybeard, longstanding linker and occasional member of
>>  list-admin teams, I like the direction we're going in, know at least
>>  the digital personae who are proposed, and like the mix.
>>  (I guess that's an 'Aye', but with a right of recall in case any
>>  further interesting ideas emerge later).
>>  A question:
>>  Are the statement of scope, and the modus operandi, still good?
>>  If not, is new-broom time an appropriate stage to reconsider them?
>>  I always depict link as being 'a community of Internet
>>  policy-watchers'.  (That said, every time I ask a dumb technical
>>  question I get lots of valuable technical advice;  so we have a
>>  highly valuable interleave between policy-oriented people and
>>  technical people with policy interests).
>>  What the site actually says is:
>>  http://mailman.anu.edu.au/mailman/listinfo/link
>>  "The Link list is an email discussion list for people interested in
>>  the development of the internet in Australia although its strays from
>>  time to time into wider issues of communication.
>>  "Areas of interest vary from time to time but the following topics
>>  have been of interest -   ...
>>  " ... open and unmoderated. Only list members may post to the list.  ...
>>  "... archived ..."
>>  That still sounds pretty good.  Maybe we should leave well alone.
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