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Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Sun Feb 20 11:59:27 AEDT 2011

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> Johann
> (lurker since about 1996 when I was the ripe old age of 16 - 
> Link has been a source of my education for many years now)

So Igor, it would appear that ve have a success...

[Johann, it might not be too late if you start running NOW.]

OK, I'm going to see how this experiment turns out... /Twitter/follow/

Linkers, I will report back in about twenty-five years or so, have we
created a Johnny Howard or a Bob Hawke...

Describes himself as: # Bio Cloud computing geek and rugby tragic

Oh oh, there it is, another one of these Cloud people.
What is it with this goddamned cloud thingy...

We left centralised computing in the eighties... Only salespersons and
the very very young would consider going back there...

Must be like the Orange people, or the Moonies...

All hail the Cloud. INGSOC is omnipotent. The cloud is INGSOC. 

Johann, here comes the flash quiz that you should have sat when you
applied to Link for admission...

Please answer yes or no to each question.

1.	INGSOC is good.
2.	There is no thought without INGSOC.
3.	There is no Privacy.
4.	The cloud is good.
5.	The cloud will do no evil.
6.	The cloud is everywhere.
7.	The cloud is hosted in Egypt on an Etilsat Server.
8.	The cloud's administrator is called CIANSA ECHELON (must be
Chinese or South American) 
9.	The cloud can be accessed from any satellite KU or C band
10.	The cloud is doubleplusgood. [See Q4 above for additional
In hindsight, as you have survived Link for fourteen years, my guess is
that you have earnt an aggregate pass and the pop-quiz is cancelled.

In reality, the world is a beautiful place,
All politicians are your friend,
Nobody really wants to steal all your money,
And Facebook and Zynga weren't really funded by a company that made all
it's money out of:

Pick one:
A.    Email harvesting for rental spam lists
B.    Russian family type stuff (with a strong Sicilian heritage...)

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