[LINK] Maintaining the link list - Facebook page?

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Mon Feb 21 02:40:49 AEDT 2011

Would agree.

Maybe a simple Link Facebook entry makes sense, on a number of levels.

And, if appropriate, and as an initial task, maybe the three amigos can 
investigate this idea further, in terms of any additional link resource? 

If our amigos and link basically agree and run up simple guidelines I'm
sure someone might volunteer for basic maintenance of any such resource.

Having a quick look at the Facebook categories, 'Local business or Place'
'Company, Organization or Institution', 'Brand or Product', 'Artist, Band
or Public Figure', 'Entertainment' and 'Cause or Topic' perhaps "Company, 
Organization or Institution' best fits? And, under this category, of the
50+ descriptors available, "Community Organization" would fit quite well?

If so, then, the Facebook page-name, "Link" does indeed appear available.

Maybe a bold although sensible step. And as George writes, we should all
be cautious in view of Link's fine reputation. However, linkers, why not?

Cheers, Link
Stephen Loosley

George and Robin write,

> Gday Robin,
> Some thoughts inline:
> On Sun, Feb 20, 2011, Robin Whittle <rw at firstpr.com.au> wrote:
> >                A Link Facebook page could in some way form
> >                a bridge between the two systems - in terms of
> >                awareness of Link, if not the actual
> >                discussions.
> Yes, I was only thinking of using FB as the equivalent of a one-page
> website that gives a few pointers to the resources around the list. As
> the centuries progress though, the Link list will need markers to
> point future info-archaeologists at our progress. Link on Facebook
> could be a worthy milestone at this the 17 year mark.
> > Maybe some brave Link soul with a foot in both eras could establish a
> > Facebook page, like some kind of outpost on the new frontier (from my
> > point of view).  This would appear be like a gateway into the past for
> > the Facebook generation!
> It is a timid recognition of progress on behalf of the Link list, and
> I think we should all be very cautious.  My beard is starting to go
> grey (1965 model), so I suggest we continue to seek the most facebook
> capable Linker to set it up.
> > Perhaps, if they, or several people, took the trouble to do occasional
> > (once every week or two?) Status Updates on the Link Facebook page,
> > mentioning discussions they thought were interesting, with links into
> > the Link archive, then this would appear on the News Feed page of
> > everyone who "friended" Link.
> I'd hesitate to start a task that needs to be done by someone. But if
> someone wants to do it, fine.
> George

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