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> Industry Engagement
> NBN Co intends to be the premium wholesaler of broadband in Australia. Once built our broadband network will enable the provision of broadband services to consumers via retail service providers (RSPs).
> RSPs and application/content service providers are those that provide services to end users and have a direct customer relationship with the end users. As a wholesale service provider, NBN Co does not have this relationship with end users.
> NBN Co is committed to discussing with its customers, the retail and wholesale service providers, its future network plans, policies and products. From this web page, access seekers can access discussion papers and other information or consultation documents.
> Customer Collaboration Forums - February 2011
> Brisbane - Melbourne - Sydney - Perth - Adelaide
> The slides from the recently held NBN Co Customer Collaboration Forums are now ready to be viewed.
>     * NBN Co Overview / Plans for 2011 Download
>     * Product Roadmap and Pricing Download
>     * Construction Update Download
>     * Network Operations Update Download
>     * Accreditation and On Boarding Download
>     * Fibre Product Breakout Session Download
>     * Wireless Product Breakout Session Download
>     * Satellite Product Breakout Session Download
>     * Operations Download

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