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At 10:18 AM 21/02/2011, Tom Koltai wrote:
>In contrast, however, usage actually gained among 55-64 year
>olds (up 22 percent) and among those age 65 and older (up 28 percent),
>most likely because of continued Internet adoption by these age

Heard a story on AM today about US post offices closing in small US 
towns. The interviewer asked an older man if he has email in his 
place because that was one of the reasons for closing his p.o. He 
chuckled and said, no, in his southern Virginia drawl, that email is 
junk. Then there was guffawing around him. I guess he was either 
geographically, demographically, or economically challenged. I think 
he might have puked if they had asked him about Facebook.


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