[LINK] virgin blue outage II

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Could the use of solid state disk arrays make them abnormally vulnerable to
a power outage?  It seems pretty amazing to me that something as simple as a
power outage would be an issue in this day and age!


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I was in a meeting today, with some product vendors whose name starts with
the 15th letter of the alphabet.   We briefly discussed the virgin blue
airline checkout crash.   Apparently, 
those in the know told us that the problem was caused by a netapp data
server that uses 
solid state (ssd) disk drives in the array.  According the the guy that I
spoke to, this was 
a new system that is arguably using bleeding edge hardware and the issue was
caused by
firmware mismatches on the drives themselves, vs the netapp RAID layer.  How
true this 
is I do not know, but the people concerned did seem to have some knowledge
of the event...


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