[LINK] Maintaining the link list - benign dictatorship

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Mon Feb 21 17:54:45 AEDT 2011

<pep-talk> Note the addition to the subject line of a busy thread to
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Hi Craig,

I tend to agree with all that you wrote:


However, I am sure a time-and-motion expert would say that the
efficiencies inherent in a Benign and Generally Wise Dictator are
unlikely to be found when He or She is replaced by a Triumvirate.
Especially if the Three are given to rambling individually on the list
without first consulting the Others.

One great thing about a mailing list is that no-one is captive within
it - they can start their own list.  So the list can and should follow
a particular vision, including perhaps a very relaxed and open vision.
 Since there can be any number of mailing lists, it is a simple matter
for members who don't like the way the original list is going to set
up their own and to have the new list announced on the old one.

Given the success of Tony's light-handed Enlightened Dictatorial Rule,
my guess is that we Three Amigos of Link will be keen to continue in
His tradition.

  - Robin

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