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Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Tue Feb 22 08:32:42 AEDT 2011

Further to my previous posting: Never wear the same browser two days

I've been thinking about what we as a community might do to let
BigBrother know that his spying is unwelcome..

I have several browser programs that I use for different tasks.
I regularly used to have 140+ firefox browser windows open.
Push adverts and other annoying commercial initiatives have reduced that
capacity to less than 60.

In an effort to recoup control over my puter, I installed the Noscript
Firefox extension.
For a while, this appeared to help, unfortunately technology leapfrog

Blackhat, whitehat, blackhat, greyhat, whitehat, blackhat, blackhat... 

Has caught up again.

Before HTML5 certain sites could not be viewed with any browser with
java capabilities under any circumstances or else they started with the
60 second :

are you there ?
Please turn on your Java.
OK, if you're not going to allow me Java, 
Are you sure you don't want to view this lovely advertisement?
I'm going to try to feed it to you anyway.


Your resolution says xxx therefore I'm going to feed you a specially
created HTML5 version just for your computer, 
You don't have the right fonts for my CSS,
Please allow me to offer you some free fonts..

I am gradually building a set of sites that I consider are the
Technically Too Invasive (TTI) to be acceptable sites.

I will be posting these on a Web page somewhere.

My short list of course is:


If linkers would like add to the list, please send me a url offlist.

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