[LINK] Yet another reason why I dislike Facebook intensely

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Tue Feb 22 10:53:10 AEDT 2011

Paul wrote:

> > Like all tools, it's up to you what you do with it.
> What I don't like about Facebook is the feeling that it's using me...

That would be because it is. I only succumbed recently and, like all these things, it's a case of trade-offs. I find Facebook useful for keeping in superficial touch with a largeish group of people with whom I'd probably lose contact otherwise but I take reasonable precautions to only give Facebook information that don't mind it selling (because I doubt that it's of any commercial value) or sharing with world+dog.

It's insecure, exploitative, superficial and shallow but, providing you don't use it for anything important, it has its uses. Other tools are more appropriate for more important things; e-mail and Link go together like a horse and carriage, whereas Facebook and Link would be more the fish/bicycle thing.

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