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I am not given to embarking or enjoining ongoing Flame wars... Yet there comes a time in every old farts life when he has to stand up and be counted....

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> Richard Chirgwin wrote:
> > What gets under my skin is that there are fear-mongers out there 
> > pitching the line that the Australian government already 
> has the power 
> > to order a shut-down; and moreover, that it's building the 
> NBN so it 
> > can get a single kill switch. 

In the current NBN technical data that is publicly available, I don't see the technical proof of a single killswitch being feasible, yet, I do see the technical proof for a centralised filter and interception system (And at several different layers).
And having been one of the early users of DPI (1998) I know I can sniff at almost each layer from 2 up as does every other Geek in here.

>As Mark Newton remarked on Twitter 
> > during a similar discussion: most of the time, his discussions with 
> > "national security" types are on the topic of how to keep 
> the Internet 
> > *up* rather than how to shut it down.

Interestingly, the work that I have done with national security types is how to separate, identify multicast packet streams inside encrypted VPN multicast tunnels.
No-one ever asked me how to keep the network up. The redundancies that have been inplace since the late eighties viz C and Ku band portable uplinks have made that a rather redundant subject.
> <SNIP>
> Having some right wing loonies falsely claiming that plans 
> are underway with the design of the NBN to take us into a new 
> totalitarian regime of network control clouds clear thinking 
> on the matter. 
Which was exactly the contra argument that resulted in the termination of the Jewish people that elected to remain in the Warsaw Ghetto.

"Those nice National Socialists are just cleaning the streets, putting us all in one place for our safety."

>From Wiki
In 1940, the German Nazis began to concentrate Poland's population of over three million Jews into a number of extremely crowded ghettos located in large Polish cities. The largest of these, the Warsaw Ghetto, concentrated approximately 300,000–400,000 people into a densely packed central area of Warsaw. Thousands of Jews died due to rampant disease and starvation under the SS and Police Leader Odilo Globocnik and SS-Standartenführer Ludwig Hahn, even before the mass deportations from the ghetto to the Treblinka extermination camp began.

The Nazi forces conducted many of the deportations during the operation code-named Grossaktion Warschau, between July 23 and September 21, 1942. Just before the operation began, the German "Resettlement Commissioner" SS-Sturmbannführer Hermann Höfle called the meeting of the Ghetto Jewish Council Judenrat and informed its leader Adam Czerniaków about the "resettlement to the East".[5][6][7] Czerniaków committed suicide once he became aware of the true meaning of the treacherous Nazi plan. Approximately 254,000–300,000 Ghetto residents met their deaths at Treblinka during the two months-long operation. The Grossaktion was directed by SS-Oberführer Ferdinand von Sammern-Frankenegg, the commander of the Warsaw area since 1941.[8] He was relieved of duty by SS-and-Polizeiführer Jürgen Stroop sent to Warsaw by Heinrich Himmler on April 17, 1943.[9][10] Stroop took over from Sammern following his unsuccessful ghetto offensive.[11]

When the deportations first began, members of the Jewish resistance movement met and decided not to fight the SS directives, believing that the Jews were being sent to labour camps and not to their deaths. By the end of 1942 however, it became known to Ghetto inhabitants that the deportations were part of an extermination process. Many of the remaining Jews decided to revolt.[12] /Quote


How lucky you are gentlemen to be always right, cossetted in your safe WASP environment, surrounded by politicians that don't want to filter you, intercept your communications or to turn off your internet.
How lucky you are never to have been shot, or lost a parent or grand parent to the actions of totalitarian regime activity. Because, if you had been shot, or lost a parent and a grand parent to the actions of political criminals, then I assure you, that you would not dismiss in quite so cavalier a fashion the coincidence of a Government that were voted in on the Filter ticket and whom then introduced an NBN just as the filter looked like it was to be defeated.

So, I agree, let's all go along within the plan and then revolt, if warranted, once all the evidence is in.
The advantage is obvious, if we play dead, then they might just leave us alone until... There is no more digital privacy at all.

On the other hand, the choice is obvious, vote Liberal and the entire problem disappears [in it's current right wing loonie incarnation].

Good luck with that.

Just one question... Are Right Wing Loonies the ones that walk down the street in Knightsbridge on an overcast winters day with a furled Umbrella ?

My problem is that I believe in the NBN, however, the "NEED" to make the NBN the only supplier of all digital content screams of central control. The economic bullshit of wanting the NBN to pay for itself is hogwash.
There is no economic reason to disenfranchise the copper or the WIFI/WiMAX or DSL ISP's and if there was, it could be achieved through interconnect tarrif charging and would not need legislative protection.

Additionally, the mere act of disenfranchising the existing competitive networks is contrary to the ACCC regulations and pro-competion guidelines.

Are not the Government rewriting the ACCC rulebooks by insisting on eliminating the Copper ?

Right Wing Loonie or free thinking partisan ?

Wake up Gentlemen, if you really believe the above quoted hogwash, you are peering far too intently through the largest pair of Rose coloured glasses I have ever had the displeasure to observe.

Bigot : big·ot –noun
a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.
Origin: 1590–1600;  < Middle French  ( Old French:  derogatory name applied by the French to the Normans), perhaps < Old English bī God  by God 

Loonie: loon·ie –noun
Canadian Informal . a dollar coin.
Origin: from the image of a loon on the reverse 

Activism: ac·tiv·ism æktəˌvɪzəm/ –noun
1. the doctrine or practice of vigorous action or involvement as a means of achieving political or other goals, sometimes by demonstrations, protests, etc.
2. Philosophy .
A. a theory that the essence of reality is pure activity, especially spiritual activity, or process.
B. a theory that the relationship between the mind and the objects of perception depends upon the action of the mind.
Origin: 1905–10;  < German Aktivismus. See active, -ism

Dictionary references from: http://dictionary.reference.com/

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