[LINK] An Open Government Implementation Model

stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Wed Feb 23 22:03:39 AEDT 2011

An open government implementation model: moving to increased public 

21st February 2011   http://www.businessofgovernment.org

This report presents an Open Government Implementation Model (OGIM) for 
guiding government agencies towards open government. 

Our model defines four implementation stages and describes the focuses, 
deliverables, benefits, challenges, best practices, and metrics for stages

A key tenet of the Implementation Model is that government agencies 
should advance their open government initiatives incrementally, focusing 
on one implementation stage at a time. 

Starting from increasing data transparency (Stage One), the process moves 
on to improving open participation (Stage Two), enhancing open 
collaboration (Stage Three), and realizing ubiquitous engagement (Stage 

We argue that by following this sequence, agencies can minimize risk and 
effectively harness the power of social media in order to engage the 



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