[LINK] Maintaining the link list - changes in policy?

Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Thu Feb 24 08:21:19 AEDT 2011

Robin Whittle wrote:
> ... an ANU connection ...

I would be happy to help, since I am connected to the ANU.

> ... Bernard Robertson-Dunn ... wrote:
>> 1. of the blatant self promotion that occasionally goes on ...

You need to read my new book: "How to avoid blatant self promotion", now
available for only $19.95. ;-)

> I am in keen about reducing noise on mailing lists. ...

I would like to reduce the number of "post now, think later" postings.
But not sure how to do that.

The rule I try to follow is making only one posting a day, so it has to
be a good one. If you think the ones I post are bad, you should see all
the ones I delete unsent.

As to the provision of Facebook presence, RSS feed and the like, I would
consider these a supplement to the basic provision of a mailing list
based discussion forum.

Pilcher, Fred wrote:
 > ... Can we recognise Tony as a Living Link Treasure?

Perhaps we can have him on display in the Link Institute for
Public Dialogue, on the shores of the Lake in Canberra, as
with Jeremy Bentham at University College London:
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeremy_Bentham#Auto-icon>. ;-)

The "Australia Forum" actually proposed a $30M mushroom shaped building 
as a "Centre for Dialogue" in Canberra on the lake shore. I have 
suggested something more high tech:

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