[LINK] NBN and Batteries

Birch, Jim Jim.Birch at dhhs.tas.gov.au
Thu Feb 24 10:37:15 AEDT 2011

Does anyone know:

What proportion of homes have a fixed line anyway?  This is trending

What percentage of homes with a fixed line have a phone that works
without mains power?

What is the power requirement of the NBN terminal equipment?  How long
can it reasonably be expected to run on batteries?

How long would your suburban NBN distribution point survive without
mains power?  cf. How long can POTS can run without power?

My guess is that most households either wouldn't have a phone that would
use a battery backed up connection point and/or wouldn't care because
they have few mobile phones in the house.  I have asked a number of
people about this and have good anecdotal confirmation of this factoid.

This leaves a few grannies without mobiles and other people with special
needs who need to be looked after, and serious computer systems that
would have a power continuity strategy that would not be based on an NBN

The mobile phone system looks to me to be better economic/engineering
option for handling a significant outage or a real disaster.  I'd like
to see the full end-to-end cost/benefit/risk analysis.  

I don't want an NBN battery.

- Jim


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