[LINK] Carbon Tax

Ash Nallawalla ash at melbpc.org.au
Sat Feb 26 15:16:55 AEDT 2011

> From: stephen at melbpc.org.au

> But i'm wondering HOW tax money would be spent. No-one has explained it
> in basic terms for your normal non-geopolitical/economics-degree-holder.

> And, as a normal Aussie, (without a north facing roof, for solar panels/
> hot water) is further increasing electricity bills the Gov answer?

> Is this really the best idea that our current Canberra can come up with?

I choose not to think about black balloons, carbon tax and the like because
they sound like cartoon excuses for not solving the basic problems. I
switched to CF bulbs before incandescent bulbs became unavailable and will
probably buy solar electricity panels as my effort to save money (not saving
the planet).  Therefore, raising the price of electricity is indirectly
helping to conserve our coal reserves and to sell it to China, where they
will burn it instead. Win-win.

If the government wants me to use less electricity, then it should just
switch off power to homes as they do in India - so-called load shedding. It
should force home appliance manufacturers to not feature standby mode, ban
garage remote controls, close down the pubs at 6 pm and lots of life's other
luxuries. As the population increases its buying power, electricity use will
increase, since most people aren't thinking about the environment when they
relax with their power-hungry devices.

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