[LINK] Will Conroy's filter rescue AFACT?

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> Linking together WAY too many threads IMHO.
> When that happens and they are coining more money hand-over-fist from 
> the 'new medium' the industry suits will be patting themselves on the 
> back and wondering why they didn't get into this new distribution 
> medium earlier. (In much the same way as they did with radio, TV, 
> VCR's, CD's, DVD's and other distribution media after initially 
> painting them as the 'end of the industry' media - the music and film 
> industries never ride the technological wave, they tend to paddle 
> along after it has gone by and new markets have revealed themselves.)
> Just my 2 cents worth ...

Jolly well summarised Frank, Thank-you.

I specifically enjoyed the mental image of the "Content Creation
Industry" paddling up the muddy coloured smelly creek, whilst all of
their consumers were sailing in the the other direction perched atop
Benetton yachts...

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