[LINK] So - How is the war going?

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> Watching the following chart will allow observers to 
> understand what analysts think of what is happening in the 
> Middle east.
> http://www.cx-portal.com/brent/oil_en.html

Well today, we have something unusual...positive reporting from a
Journalist and the Brent is down 60 cents from it's close on our
Saturday... (That must mean the news is good...)

Quote/ [From:

Rebel soldiers protect desert oilfields
Jason Koutsoukis, Benghazi March 1, 2011

Plans are under way for an advance on Tripoli.

AFTER 31 years of service in Libya's armed forces, Colonel Abdelsalam
Ramadan made the decision to turn against the Gaddafi regime on Sunday

''I fear for my country, that it will be turned into a sea of blood,''
Colonel Ramadan told The Age.

As the death toll from nearly two weeks of violence in Libya climbed
towards 2000, Colonel Ramadan, with about 600 troops under his command
protecting the desert oilfields around the north-eastern town of Jalu,
said he was preparing his men to fight all the way to the capital,
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''Our first priority is to protect the oilfields around Jalu, which I
believe are vulnerable to attack from Gaddafi,'' he said.

It is believed that about 80 per cent of Libya's vast oil resources are
in the hands of the rebel forces.
/Quote - Article continues....

I'm having trouble believing that a colonel is capable of arriving at
such rational economically sensible conclusions [unprompted]; however if
it turns out that he did get there by himself, then this man is a hero
and deserves to be recognised on a global scale... Because this positive
story just saved thousands of lives around the world and may be the
reason Gaddafi finally folds up his card table and leaves the game.

On the other hand, with his [Qadhafi's] assets frozen and world out for
his blood... What choice does a cornered tiger have ?
Let's hope he didn't keep the access codes for any Georgian WMD's up his
sleeve. Although according to this link : 
 http://www.globalsecurity.org/wmd/world/libya/nuclear.htm He didn't.

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