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This came to my attention by way of a tweet, of all things:

@thinkingmediatv: Welcome to NSWEC iVote Online Voting
http://www.ivote.nsw.gov.au/ #auspol #nswvotes Online iVote Application

Welcome to iVote Online Voting
iVote is a Remote Electronic Voting System that enables eligible
electors to vote using the telephone or the internet.

iVote eligibility
You can vote before Polling Day using iVote if:

      * your vision is so impaired, or you are otherwise so physically
        incapacitated or so illiterate, that you are unable to vote
        without assistance,
      * you are unable to vote without assistance or have difficulty
        voting at a polling place because you have a disability (within
        the meaning of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977),
      * your real place of living is not within 20 kilometres, by the
        nearest practicable route, of a polling place; or
      * you will not be in New South Wales throughout the hours of
        polling on polling day.
Key dates for iVote
iVote applications will be accepted until 6:00pm EDST on 23 March 2011
by completing the online application on this website. Please click here
to apply to use iVote.
People who have difficulty completing the online application can also
call the iVote call centre to apply; 1300 02 2011 or 1300 2 iVote (from
outside Australia call +612 9034 8999)

iVote opens for voting at 8:00am EDST on 14 March 2011 and closes at
6:00pm EDST on 25 March 2011. (iVote is not available on election day)
You will be able to cast your vote on this website or you can use iVote
by Phone by calling 1300 02 2011 or 1300 2 iVote (from outside Australia
call +612 9034 8999).

You must register before you can use iVote.

If you want to practise voting then please click here to try the iVote
practice system.

The links to the right provide you with information for using iVote.

If you need to speak to the iVote help desk, please call 1300 02 2011 or
1300 2 iVote (from outside Australia call +612 9034 8999).

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