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Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Thu Mar 3 10:29:48 AEDT 2011

On 2/03/2011 8:54 PM, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
> Bernard writes,
>> .... but what's the purpose of e-petitions?
> Not sure if you're refering to petitions, or to e-petitions, Bernard :)

As the question says - e-petitions.

> In terms of petitions, besides having personal communications with your
> local member, public petitions are really the only legal way to be heard
> (to some extent) in parliament. Since about 1066-AD. Now while I for one
> have a close and regular (weekly) email and phone exchange with my local
> Fed Member (haha, owning a radio station helps) perhaps others don't. So
> ever tried standing in the rain, outside your local supermarket, and for
> several weeks or more, collecting sigatures?

I suggest that public petitions (e- or otherwise) are now not the only 
legal way to be heard in parliament.

So it is possible that automating a solution to a problem that now does 
not exists is a little bit of a waste of time and effort.

But of course, I could be wrong - hence my question.



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