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Rather speculative reasoning from the legal profession, but since 
this looks like it may become a good income stream for them ... not 

The smarter move for the industry would be to revisit their business 
model ... but they've never been smart at doing that. Smart at 
lobbying politicians. Smart at recharging customers for the same 
content on different media. Smart at diddling actual copyright 
holders out of royalties. Smart at pretty well anything that defrauds 
any part of the entertainment chain but them from their rightful 

But not smart about technology, and not smart about adjusting the 
business model which has served them so well (in the above ripping 
off of clients, suppliers, producers, writers, economies that sponsor 
them through grants... in Australia, NZ, et alia ... and the like.)

In the past they had everyone over the barrel with the technological 
and capital requirements of producing and distributing major films 
and video ... but that is all changing. That technology is now 
cheaper, more capable and and more accessible ... meaning that those 
who feed at the film and/or music industry troughs are now as 
vulnerable as blacksmiths were 120 years ago.

It'll be interesting to see how this all washes out ... but the 
Indies are thriving in the current environment. It's the big studios 
that see themselves threatened (and pirated content is only one of 
the threats.)

On the poll ... those questions were put in a very leading manner and 
made assumptions that all poll participants were actually pirating 
("Will you be more or less frightened of getting caught" tends to be 
a bit of a leader) ... but it seems the large majority aren't to 
fussed about the legal prognostications on the iiNet decision.

Just my 2 cents worth ...


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