[LINK] Lundy: Citizen-centric services: A necessary principle for achieving genuine open government

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> necessary principle for achieving genuine open government
> Well, I suppose expanding ASIO's power to snoop on 
> individuals counts as 
> "citizen-centric"...
> (Really. I know Kate Lundy means well, but this is so much 
> humbug while 
> over in parliament, both ALP and Libs are re-reading old 
> Stazi manuals 
> to see if there's anything they missed.)
> RC
> On 3/03/11 1:06 PM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> > 
> <http://www.katelundy.com.au/2011/03/02/citize>
> > essary-principle-for-achieving-genuine-open-government/>

I have a Stazi Manual... I think it's called the Copyright act 1969...
Talking about copyright...

This has always puzzled me...

Quote/ [From the above URL speech]
Finally we are seeing more and more government data released under
permissive copyright licences, and in useful formats for people to use
and mashup up. Many government document and cultural assets have been
released under a Creative Commons licence, and in fact only last year we
released our first Creative Commons By Attribution licensed Federal
Budget, which is a world first and something we are very proud of.

How can a government elected by the people for the people and paid for
by the people claim copyright over the actions and data of Government?

That one statement not-withstanding, Kate has mollified her open
approach somewhat. Which is a shame. I always considered her style to be
a welcome breath of fresh honest air that most political parties seem to
Mayhap, toeing the party line is what is required in Canberra these days
to retain your "value" to the party.

I look forward to a Government one day that allows it's members to
represent their constituents without the bull that comes with the two
party system and corporate sponsorship.

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