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> Greetings from "Policy Form: Righting the Copyright 
> Imbalance", at the National Library of Australia, in 
> Canberra: <http://www.digital.org.au/Forum.htm>.
> This is a one day event organised by the Australian Digital 
> Alliance, which is in effect a lobby group of libraries and 
> educational institutions worried that publishers will limit 
> their access to digital
> materials: <http://www.digital.org.au/who/who.htm>.
> The ANU is a member of the ADA, so I took the opportunity to 
> come along and find out about the issues, but I don't know if 
> the ANU has a position, nor am I here to put that position.
> At question time the issue of the government use of creative 
> commons was raised. In my view there is a problem for the 
> government caused by the Attorney General's Department 
> failure to finalise guidelines on its use: 
> <http://webguide.gov.au/information-access/copyright-copyright

>This is of interest as I am running a course for public sevants on how
<implement such policies: <http://cs.anu.edu.au/courses/COMP7420/>.
<In the absence of clear guidelines, I will have to get the students to
write them.

And you are telling us this because you feel that students wouldn't do
as good a job at writing official policy as our politicians ?
Sorry Tom, I'm not sure that I agree with that. 
I think your students will write excellent policy...

Now if you let me sponsor the Tequilla and Steak night the day before
they write said policy, I'm sure I can enlighten them as to what they
are thinking.


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