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[I guess it had to happen. Why am I not 
surprised? If it's not the 'terror card' it's the 
'kiddie' card. What has happened to sanity in the world?]

NBN may raise child porn risk: police

Richard Willingham

March 4, 2011

NEW services provided via the national broadband 
network could make it harder for the Australian 
Federal Police to track people downloading and sharing child pornography.

The bipartisan Parliamentarians Against Child 
Abuse and Neglect group was briefed yesterday by 
the AFP on possible services that could be part 
of the NBN. The officers told the group that the 
increase of service providers and different modes 
available would make it harder for police to monitor suspects.

''Due to there being a large number of service 
providers currently and emerging in the 
telecommunications industry, this has the 
potential to increase the difficulty for law 
enforcement to obtain telecommunications data,'' an AFP spokeswoman said.

The NBN will allow companies to ''bundle'' 
multiple services including TV, internet and 
telephones on to one line, which worries the AFP. 
Senator Bill Heffernan, who is a member of the 
bipartisan group, said he was deeply concerned 
that the work of the federal police and 
international agencies to track offenders could 
be undone. [as if this bozo has ANY ethical credibility!]

''One of the great challenges is going to be to 
come to terms with the anonymity that comes with 
the NBN. It will be a challenge for both the 
child protection units and the network of the 
global police agencies,'' he said.

''There will be no need to have the details of 
who you rang, and when you rang and what you 
downloaded, because there will be just a fee and 
you'll do whatever you like for that fee 
will be fraught with danger in coming to terms 
with what is a flourishing child porn business.''

A spokesman for Broadband Minister Stephen Conroy 
said, ''NBN Co and the department are working 
with the AFP and other national security and law 
enforcement agencies to ensure any potential 
criminal exploitation is minimised in the design and operation of the NBN.''

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