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At 10:35 AM 5/03/2011, David Boxall you wrote:
>Heat rises. Anything underground is, by definition, below the source of
>bushfire heat.

We were talking about risk to infrastructure last night. Seem there 
are two risks to underground gear: floods and earthquakes. The first 
requires good seals (underground bank vaults, electrical equipment 
rooms), while the second is possibly only protected if in flexible 
casings (bend instead of break, within a margin of course -- major 
upheavals would potentially counter any amount of flexibility). We 
decided that Victoria is probably OK with underground stuff (little 
earthquake risk of any magnitude; possible flooding in the city 
because of the Yarra (it has happened)). But in some areas of Qld, 
flooding can obviously be an issue as well as risks to above ground 
because of the cyclones.

So as with many projects, it's not a one-size fits all consideration. 
Environmental risks are real.


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