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At 04:31 PM 5/03/2011, David Boxall wrote:
>We can't guard against all possibilities. The Christchurch earthquake,
>for example, is said to be a 1 in 5,000 year event. We simply couldn't
>afford to build for such a remote possibility, even if it's possible to
>do so. In the end, we just have to acccept that sometimes things will fail.

Oh? NZ is on a major fault line. They do plan by having earthquake 
rated buildings. Of course things will fail, but it doesn't mean you 
ignore the environmental conditions in which you are designing a 
system. You do guard against the possibilities, but you may not guard 
for 100% infallibility. Even though a risk may be remote, if it is 
catastrophic should it occur, you better be aware of it and mitigate 
as best as possible.


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