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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Sat Mar 5 18:45:28 AEDT 2011

Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:

> ABC Radio National
> Overloaded Internet
> Producer: Kirsten Garrett
> Even silicon valley says the world is overconnected, corporations are
> overwhelmed, and we're heading for another global crisis because the
> internet is now cowboy country, out of control. Internet high priest,
> historian, and author Bill Davidow says international regulations - or
> some way of making it all smaller is vital.

I am looking forward to this one. "out of control?" "making it smaller?"
Apply the same logic to libraries. It is somewhat overwhelming to grasp
the total information content in a large library, but I would not consider
libraries or similar repositories of information out of control or needing
to be smaller.

I have no idea what Davidow is on about and am curious to find out. Perhaps
he is suffering from info overload and the inability to manage that.

He is right in saying the internet is cowboy country, but probably not
for the same reasons I would.


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