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John Hilvert wrote:
> http://www.ausstats.abs.gov.au/Ausstats/subscriber.nsf/0/7A27AF8B0739FF90CA257847000E6F98/$File/1351055033_mar%202011.pdf
> ... Perhaps I'm being unfair to its co-authors, Jessica Todhunter and
> Ruel Abello apart from its praise for a new way of quantifying intensity of
> ICT use, I failed to see little that was "novel". ...

Perhaps a little harsh. This is better than most of the research papers 
I review.

I hadn't realised ABS produced research papers (although I am on their 
ICT reference group and used to work there). I found more papers at:

It is odd that ABS has restricted distribution of the document using an 
old fashioned copyright notice, given that the Australian Government now 
has an open access policy: 

ABS use a Creative Commons licence for their statistical reports. I 
would expect the ABS would also want their research distributed as 
widely as possible.

> ... paper's definition of innovation - self reported (see Appendix A) was circular ...''

If "innovative activity" is defined as saying you are innovative, then
the conclusions of the paper are correct: people with lots of IT
tend to babble about being innovative. ;-)

ps: The Australian Capital Territory Government commissioned the report 
"Innovation, Creativity and Leadership, Report of a Study of the ACT 
Innovation System", by Howard Partners, March 2008: 

More on innovation in my blog: 

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