[LINK] We're all pirates (again)

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|> >From the article:
|> "The impact on Commonwealth revenues last year was $190 million, which
|> will rise to $1.1 billion in five years for a total loss of $3.7
|> billion in five years. "
|> Presumably from foregone taxes?
|> The counter argument is that the pirates spent whatever they might
|> have spent on hollywood stuff on local goods, so the taxes were still
|> paid, but the dollars stayed in Australia rather than ending in Ms
|> Gaga's record label's pocket.

The figures seem to be assuming that people would actually go and pay for
the movies/songs/whatever if they couldn't download them for free, this is
something I'd be doubtful about.  There would be a percentage but certainly
not 100%. It also ignores how people may go on to purchase the same goods
they downloaded or influence others to purchase who may not have otherwise.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch 

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