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> Commentary here by Bernard Keane

He refers to the missing Lek Consulting report a summary of which took
me 2 minutes to find...
And revised version:
@ http://www.archive.org/details/MpaaPiracyReort

Anecdotally, a pirate called LEK is one of Europe's most prolific P2P
The word LEK in Dutch means "leak" and in polish, "medicine".

So can we say the report that originated from the "Leak" ? Or, to the
MPAA, there's a leak in there... take your medicine like a man ?

Probably most apt.

>From a 2008 article...

Quote/ The study was crucial to the MPAA: The group used the inflated
figures, at least in part, to crowbar post-secondary institutions into
cracking down on illegal file-sharing. They also pressured colleges
everywhere to back legislation that currently sits before the U.S. House
of Representatives that would force them to do something about illegal
file sharing.
The piracy numbers, lowered by 29 per cent, account for millions of
dollars blamed squarely on college students. And what does the industry
say now? Oops!
The MPAA now argues the 15 per cent figure is still significant and is
justification for a crackdown on college students. The only problem is:
They cried wolf (unintentionally or not) and if the association is
incapable of using a calculator properly, who is going to believe
anything they have to say? The simple fact is, many people don't. /Quote

So no matter how often the SMH or any other paper reprint the same old
stuff, the public just aren't wearing it.

Mainly because the same public that copy movies loaned from their
friends, still rent some from the video store, buy some from the bargain
bin at Woollies or Dick Smith, and occasionally, record one off Foxtel
or FTA and even more occasionally buy the DVD from the second hand
stores (Cash Converters, Amazon or EBay)

And, we discovered that piracy was mainly driven by non-availability:
http://kovtr.com/wordpress/?p=33 (at least 39%...)

As Digital content is being made available, piracy numbers are dropping

The numbers of users on Torrent and ED2K have been falling at
approximately 1.6% per month. And I have been watching and counting.

            2007                2008            2009          2010	
Avg      "4,167,522"        "2,596,588"    1,029,768"     "1,219,492"
Max     "8,470,225"        "5,768,181"     2,160,137"     "2,138,683"

Graph here --> http://www.kovtr.com/data/ED2K_RIP_2007_2010.png 

Unfortunately, if P2P dies, then these organisms... Oops, sorry,
organisations have nothing to justify their existence with anymore...

"Dear, Sony, Warner etc etc... Sorry guys, since you made all the
content available digitally, almost no-one is pirating any more... So
don't send us any money this year, we don't have a reason to exist any
longer... Yeah right!. "

> > Data download: lies, damned lies and piracy reports

On 2011/Mar/06, at 8:57 AM, Richard Chirgwin wrote:

> Does anyone else get sick of journalism as lazy as this?
> http://www.theage.com.au/technology/nation-of-unrepentant-pirates-cost
> s-900m-20110305-1bix5.html
> One question - just one - would have helped. Like "who is Sphere
> Analysis" (who conducted the research)?
> Answer: a business name registered in NSW last November. Wouldn't that
> raise the suspicion that the whole thing is astroturf?
> (It's more than about time that ASIC published the ownership of
> companies and business names online for free)
> RC
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