[LINK] Apple is turning into the evil empire

Steven Clark steven.clark at internode.on.net
Tue Mar 8 23:24:01 AEDT 2011

On 08/03/11 21:37, Rick Welykochy wrote:
> Jan Whitaker wrote:
>> Very interesting. I just did an update of iTunes and Quicktime on my
>> laptop. There was a lot of registration going on. It will be
>> interesting to see what changes happen. I'm doing a demo of
>> downloading various free stuff (podcasts) for a computer club and
>> will be demo-ing these two programs as well as Windows Media Player,
>> Winamp, and some OS programs as well.
> I haven't had much of a look yet, but it is getting time to get
> back to plain old media players, i.e. something like VLC for video
> and Winamp or equiv for audio. Apple's products are too tied into
> shopping and other such interference.
i have three or four different programs for audio and a-v (and a
plethora of codecs as well), a mix of proprietary and open source
offerings. some source play better in one than in others, and vice
versa. choice isn't always better (esp when everyone has their pet
preferences, over solid data format standards, for example ...)

for most folks, simple is what they want - plug it in and it works. how
is of no interest.

> ANd I do not like iTunes bad habit of importing anything before playing
> it. I often resort now to Quicktime to listen to an MP3 for example.
> Saves on disk space. And having to later remove it from iTunes. If
> you are not careful iTunes can double your disk storage requirement
> because of this.
you can turn that behaviour on/off in the program's settings menu.
[likewise you can turn on/off the same behaviour in microsoft media player]


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