[LINK] Apple is turning into the evil empire

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Wed Mar 9 15:29:32 AEDT 2011

Bob wrote:

> why 'tragically and frighteningly'? Most users are not technies, they
> just want a device to do the job they bought it for. They don't care
> how
> it works, whether there is a better way but they do care if the way
> chosen for them is not the cheapest. It has to be simple and easy - no
> thinking required!
> What is so tragic or frightening about that?

Some analogies...

There's been some public outcry about the exploitative practices of several iconic brands. Benneton and Nike are a couple of examples. Apple has recently been in the news over conditions in some of the Chinese factories where their products are manufactured. Closer to home, Coles is coming under scrutiny over the effects on dairy farmers of its milk pricing practices. Wal Mart in the US has been criticised for the effects that its stores have on local businesses. South Park even did an episode on Starbucks with that theme. Fair trade organisations have been established to try to address some of the frightening and tragic effects that multinational corporations have on third world suppliers.

We become inured or habituated to things in our environment. I watch very little commercial tv, for example, and when I do I'm horrified by the intrusive stridency and unnaturalness of the commercials, but my kids don't even consciously hear them, let alone recognise the strangeness that's so obvious to me.

The article touches on the consequences of trading away rights for simplicity. I might be convinced that that's OK providing you understand precisely what you're trading away, but I suspect only a tiny proportion of Apple users have any understanding of that. What's tragic and frightening is that many of them probably don't care.

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