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At 07:53 AM 10/03/2011, Richard Chirgwin wrote:
>Regardless of the individual experience, the ABS data tells us that the
>average of all household downloads comes out at more than 6 GB per month
>(a figure worked out by Shara Evans of Market Clarity in this paper,
>correcting the raw data with an estimate for business downloads:
>[PDF warning!]). So the mass experience is already well above the 1.5
>GB, although well below the 200 GB plans that already exist.

The other thing is that size of distributed information is also 
changing and the receiver doesn't have any control over that. For 
example, the video that George put up for Tony's party was indicated 
as HD. Other vids that are going up on other hosts are moving to HD. 
Compressed would have been fine for most of these, but like with 
still photography where family members on higher speed connections 
think nothing of emailing 12-20mp photos, people don't think before 
doing such things. They don't know any better (as someone with a 
dialup connection and a choked melbpc account (10Mb storage), I'm 
sure you'll appreciate the problem, Stephen).

I just looked at my data usage for the last 2.5yrs and I fit that 
average of 6GB/mo, or just under, but have spikes of 7 or so, which 
must be either heavy software update periods or watching catch-up 
video or way too much youtube. I have a 50Gb plan, but have never 
touched the sides of it. I might one day, but I wouldn't want to go 
back to a lower cap and then a throttle down to 64kb. My luck would 
be it would happen right at the time that I need the extra data headroom.


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