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Ash Nallawalla wrote:
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> True, but how many dependents are young enough for the compulsory vote and citizens to boot?  I hope they survey some migrant associations to find that out. When I sponsored my parents, they were too old to vote and never became citizens. Given the exam they have to pass these days, I suspect the number would be very low.

It was the elderly rather than the young that I had in mind.
I have escalated the issue through a number of channels
including the Human Right's commission
<http://www.hreoc.gov.au/> - haven't heard anything back
yet. I gave up trying to figure out how to convey
information to NSW Community Relations Commission

>> Isn't Urdu written in Arabic?
> No. "Marghanita" (assuming silent h) can't be written in Arabic (U`...????????U`+U`S(?^(a)??) with enough precision compared to Urdu (U`...????U'???U`+U^OE?^(a)??), so the next Arabic reader will not be able to render it correctly if they see it written down. 
> The spoken dialects use the same written logograms, so it is a delight to watch (say, Malaysian) Chinese conversing in English and reverting to the Chinese script when the other person speaks a different dialect. I used to know a group with Hokkein and Hakka speakers who did this when they had to explain something that they could not in English.

Thanks Ash, I will add the unmangled version that arrived in
my mailbox, to my collection of translations. The collection
currently comprises:

*a business card in Simplified Mandarin (for Beijing) - the
name is translated phonetically but I was told it is also
important to make sure the Chinese Characters have a
positive meaning!

*a stamp with my name in Chinese Characters. However, there
is no way, I would be able to find the correct characters to
type the text - so, the best I could do would be an image of
it :-(

*A Japanese translation, of a book chapter, which left
Marghanita da Cruz in Roman Script ( A Japanese speaker
commented the translation wasn't very good)

And the Chinese version...

Though sadly, other than school German and French, and
hopefully a little bit of Swahili deep down in the crevices
of my brain, I can only converse in English and write in the
roman script. Recognising Greek Characters as mathematical
symbols is not particularly useful in Greece.:-((((

Marghanita da Cruz
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