[LINK] O/T - Economic Recovery Strategies [Greece]

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Thu Mar 10 14:14:15 AEDT 2011

Dear Linkers, 

An observation.

Greece's answer to her recent monetary default appears to be a
revitalisation of her export industry in a manner that [pre Chinese
exports] was considered "dumping".

I just purchased twelve cans of Dolmades for $6.00.

Normal retail price (in December) was $2.00 per can.

The retailer responded to my "que" by explaining that the price was
based on container load offerings by the importers.

This would appear to be a spreading meme that Australian manufacturers
(all five of them) would do well to be cognizant of.
The 15% profitability test would appear to be out the window in favour
of the new model. "whatever foreign exchange you can get."
With "dumping" now occurring across all segments of consumer
electronics, I guess it was only logical that it would eventually arrive
in the canned foods arena.

I guess the next dumping will be Irish, Italian and Spanish (essentially
the p.i.g.s) goods.

An excellent time for consumers in countries where the currency is
artificially temporarily buoyed by mining exports [like Oz].

I have one question for the folk that believe that the Chinese funded
social welfare dream we currently live in will last forever. 
What happens when China finds an alternative to BHP and Rio Steel and
Copper ? 
BHP tell us the prices will be going up...

In Brazil. Vale's iron ore mine produces 300,000 tonnes of iron ore per
day @ 65% pure FE3O4 content. [with 60% going to China].
AU is the second largest exporter of Iron ore to China, however, the
Brazilians are about to step up shipping capabilities with Ike
Baptista's new super port. 

So why do the Chinese keep dealing with AU ?

Brazil Super Port to China 10751 miles or 17298.36 Kilometres
Port Hedland to China 4155 Miles or 6685 Kms.

When will the Aussie Pilbarra ore run out ?  We have an estimated 30-50
years left [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_ore#Pilbara_depletion]

We need to start making things again.  NOW or our future will not be
quite so good.

Maybe Dolmades for $0.40 cents per can.

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