[LINK] Apple is turning into the evil empire

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Thu Mar 10 14:27:20 AEDT 2011

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> On 2011/Mar/10, at 2:51 AM, Tom Koltai wrote:
> > My above comments notwithstanding, I think you may be right 
> Brendan. 
> > When corps like Nokia join forces with Microsoft to weather 
> the phone 
> > OS wars together, one has to sit up and take notice. After 
> all, there 
> > is no operating system as stable as Symbian. For Nokia, the threat 
> > from Android (specifically I believe because of the Chinese
> > take-up) is obviously very real.
> There is a reason Nokia is going with MS:
> http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/2011/03/microsoft-paying
> -nokia-1-billion-to-use-wp7-cheap-at-twice-the-price.ars
> > Microsoft paying Nokia $1 billion to use WP7? Cheap at 
> twice the price
> > 

Ahh, the buy out... [in market parlance], yes shame about that.
Most folk don't realise that the most used OS in the world is a QNX
based RTOS.
MS is a dying dinosaur that may well bring Nokia down with it...

Economically of course, the current crop of (Nokia) Directors,
executives and shareholders will have a short financially pleasant time;
right up to when they either have to buy back the agreement or follow MS
into the void... But of course by then the current crop of Nokia
executives will be working somewhere in mountain view...

The reason ? 1.3 billion with $17.00 Android powered handsets changing
into 3 billion $19.95 android powered tablets within three to five
Unless Microsoft alter their Chinese licensing rules QUICKLY, the game
is over.

Suggested Chinese Eula for MS/Nokia Tablet - You agree that this Licence
lets you do anything you like to the operating system... [uhh huh! I can
see Steve B.. Agreeing to that....]
Walled gardens huh ?

The problem is that the competition remaining to keep Androind honest is
now reduced to RIM only.
I wonder what the Monopolies commission will say about that...

To the save the world, your challenge, should you agree to accept it Mr.
Phelps is to write an open systems OS that will cost nothing and run on
all devices with a facebook front end, a Google backend but with
advertising inserts only from Apple...

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