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[At least TomW, Karl Auer and Robin Whittle will have a giggle over 
this.  When was the Harradine 'Dirty Bulletin Boards' Committee? 
http://www.rogerclarke.com/II/CensCope.html#FrCF ]

I've been invited to give 5 minutes' evidence, in my personal 
capacity, prior to becoming available as the conservatives' 

I'd appreciate any leads on:
-   the current state of play in the Committee and its deliberations
-   pressure-points worth considering
-   clear and short expositions of filtering issues

One of the key things I need would seem to be:  what collateral 
damage would arise from such a scheme that would convey **to 
conservatives** that there are risks involved in doing this, not just 
in not doing it?

Q:  Surely you support doing absolutely anything that will stop kiddies
     being harmed?
A:  Not if (a) it won't do that, and (b) it will do a lot of harm
     in other ways, such as ...


Monday 21 March 2011 ,11:30-12:00
Joint Select Ctee on Cyber-Safety
Inquiry into cyber-safety issues affecting children and young people

"You will be invited to give a five minute opening statement in which 
to highlight the factors you consider key to the inquiry, followed by 
a discussion prompted by questions from Members of the Committee".

The ToR are reasonably broad:
But verbally, I understand that their primary interest is filtering.

There have been 6 hearings to date, but this may be (one of?) the 
last.  And I happen to be at the end of the session (so there's scope 
for even more, or even less, impact).

       (121 plus supps.  There's no way I can read all that!!)

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