[LINK] Apple is turning into the evil empire

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
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> > Most folk don't realise that the most used OS in the world is a QNX 
> > based RTOS.
> Don't know where you got this from, but if you are referring 
> to Windows NT, then it is well known that Windows NT was 
> written by the same folk from Digital Equipment Corp. who 
> wrote the VMS operating system, and has many similarities.
> -andyf
> ps. Apparently QNX is currently used in quite a number of cars.

Actually, Windows NT according to Kirk McKusick, sitting next to my
swimming pool in Darwin in 1993, was a slightly reworked version of
BSD... :-O
And the Regents of Berkeley took the appropriate action and received a
very large cheque...

In relation to the RTOS I stuffed up on that one. I meant Nucleus from
Mentor Graphics with 1.6 billion copies sold... (beats MS by about 100
million copies.)

I think my synapses were skewed by the announcement that RIM were buying

Not sure if I like this getting old business...

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