[LINK] tsunami warning for pacific ocean

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What might interest linkers is the sophistication of the disaster
management technology and collaboration in Japan. For example major
media and telecommunication companies are all plugged in to
notifications from the Government so that the Yahoo! and NHK websites
will automatically start mirroring released information while the
cellphone companies will start bracing for overload.
Japan has similar patterns of cellphone ownership to Australia (34
landlines subscriptions per 100 people vs 91 cellphones
http://www.itu.int/ITU-D/ict/statistics/). While the SMS gateways are
only just recovering now, there are dedicated mobile websites based
bulletin boards so you can check if the owner of a phone number has
checked in after an emergency and leave short messages.
"In case of a major disaster such as an earthquake with Seismic
Intensity of 6 lower and above, you can post your whereabouts and
safety on SoftBank Disaster Message Board via Yahoo! Keitai [Yahoo!
Mobile]. The message you post can be viewed on mobile phones by
SoftBank and other carriers as well as on PCs."

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