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Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Tue Mar 15 15:03:58 AEDT 2011

With all three of the Fukushima I reactors which were operating now
badly damaged by massive explosions, and the PM admitting things are
bad, I can't imagine how anyone can think that things are not REALLY
REALLY BAD.  Fortunately the wind has been blowing the radioactive
fallout offshore.  Now, the map:


shows no wind in the area, but looking at the weather maps:


I think the wind is still carrying the fallout to the east, away from land.

The 24 hour and 48 hour forecast maps are not so encouraging:


since they indicate (to me, considering anticlockwise lows) the
direction of fallout movement being somewhat to the north in 24 hours
and then more strongly to the north-west.

I have established a Google Group to discuss the Japanese nuclear crisis:


Anyone with a Google account can join and post messages.

Does anyone know of other discussion forums where it is being discussed
in any substantial fashion?  There is a temptation to discuss it in the
Wikipedia talk page for the relevant page:


but general discussion is out of scope there.  This is the primary
reason I established the Google Group - to provide a place where such
discussions are supported, and so reduce the clutter on the talk page.

Some people still think the government is in control, or are more
concerned about the damage this will do to the nuclear industry.

I think it is deluded to think the government is in control, and
unrealistic or uncaring not to recognise the peril the current situation
involves for a significant proportion of the 170 million people on these
densely populated islands.  This nuclear reactor crisis could easily be
more damaging than the recent earthquake and tsunamis put together.

  - Robin

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