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> The zirconium alloy cladding has either melted or been 
> oxidised already, at least at the top of the rods in all 
> three reactors.
> > I believe that meltdown has been averted in all the
> > plants. Overnight 12-13 March, I believe the reports indicated that 
> > the operators felt that the situation was almost under control. ..."
> This is totally wrong.
> The situation is totally out of control.
That is an opinion, and you are welcome to your opinion. But as your
opinion doesn't add to the feel good quotient around the world and
merely adds to the other pessimistic reporter generated hype - please
keep the noise volume down, the rest of humanity is attempting to
rebuild an ailing economy.

> What is the opposite of Chicken Little?  What is the name for 
> someone who insists the sky is not falling and will not fall, 
> when pieces of it are falling all about?
I believe the term you are searching for is an optimist. [Possibly an
empirical data challenged contrarian, but nevertheless, an optimist.]

An example of an optimist would be Wylie Coyote.

Or the various people in Gulags in the Soviet Union, Concentration Camps
in Europe during the second world war or the people of Hiroshima and
Nagasaki in 1945.
All of those people had, contrary to logic, the right to be optimistic
about their futures.

The Internet is now a ubiquitous PR device. It can be used to spread
good memes and bad memes.
Surprisingly, it is available in Japan.

As an individual that has stood blissfully unaware before the
Journalistic firing squad that proudly boasts of it's Press status, I
consider myself eminently qualified in a rudimentary fashion to make
commentary on the current situation... 

If you are not a Nuclear Physicist reporting on the actual conditions of
the Fuel Rods, that you have personally observed first hand, then you
have no business opening a Pandora's box of worry and fear.

As the number of people that that the foregoing sentence could refer to
is by public reference less than fifty... And those fifty are actually
trying to pump water on leaky rods, I doubt we will actually hear from
anyone that actually has seen anything for quite a few weeks. (If the
situation is as bad as you fear, possibly never.)

By that time, it (whatever "it" may consist of) will have occurred. 
Surprisingly "it" will not be influenced by anything you, I or anyone
else has to say.
What we can do is support the people in the path of whatever "it" is by
not beating up the subject with 500 "Whatif" scenario's so that they not
suffer unnecessary anxiety.

Negative Journalism unfortunately has a bad long term effect on the
economy, psychology of nations and invariably opens Pandora boxes that
are always best left closed.

I consider that there is a valid argument for occasions where the world
needs a "D" Notice on disasters beyond:

There has been a problem in Japan. We will advice the outcome when the
experts report back.

The problem of neck craning rubberneckers and failing to sell Newspapers
or advertising space on TV stations is not one that humanity should
concern itself with.


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