[LINK] Radiation - current situation is "no great threat", Pollyanna etc.

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Thu Mar 17 11:18:46 AEDT 2011

At 01:15 AM 17/03/2011, Robin Whittle you wrote:
>They are doing nothing right now.  The workers cleared out.  There are
>no more fire pumps driving water into the reactor vessel for evaporative
>cooling, since these were petrol/diesel driven and there is no-one there
>to operate them.  They won't even fly a helicopter over the reactors due
>to the radiation levels - and dumping water from a helicopter is nowhere
>near as good as the inadequate approach of pumping in water with a fire

That's not what they said this morning about the workers. The report 
was that they had been evacuated, but were back, either 50 or 180 people.


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