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Tom Koltai wrote:
> I don't imagine CNN going on air wearing sackcloth and bleating mea
> culpa as the worlds oil price goes through 150$ per barrel...
> But on their next annual report, there will be a small spike in March
> 2011, advertising and syndication revenues for March... UP 6%.
> Sorry Mike, but destroying the economy for the sake of a couple of
> shareholders should never be acceptable.
I assume you are referring to the CNN shareholders not the
Nuclear Plant Operators or Builders.
> The threat of a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima power plant in Japan is causing anxiety about the safety of nuclear power plants worldwide.
> Fifty workers are the only ones left, essential employees permitted inside Japan's Fukushima power plant.  And even they have evacuated the facility several times when radiation levels spiked.  The crisis is causing worldwide repercussions.  
> Germany has taken its oldest seven reactors off line for three months.  It will then decide whether to extend the lives of the plants.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "In the light of this situation, we will proceed with a security check of all our nuclear plants," she said.

Greenpeace is warning of "surprisingly high" levels of
arsenic and mercury in the red sludge that seeped out of a
burst reservoir in Hungary and has devastated the
surrounding area.

It is the environment not Economy that is at stake!

ACF questioned the benefit of compensation payments to local 
landholders in the face of the continuing and far-reaching 
pollution of the 1000-kilometre Fly River system, and 
criticised BHP's commitment to waste management.

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