[LINK] CSIRO Ngara Broadband Over TV Spectrum Field Trial Report

George Bray georgebray at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 11:54:39 AEDT 2011

"Today we can support six simultaneous users. Our next big release is
12 users and the next big step after that, which needs some
development, is to combine multiple 7MHz channels to get to an
aggregate of 100MHz that we could spit 50 up and 50 down, 75 and 25 or
in other ways. We are quite confident we will be able to offer 100Mbps
to six or 12 simultaneous user, so we have very good upgrade path."


It gave its first public demonstration in December 2010 in Smithton in
north-west Tasmania and claims: "We showed six 'users' simultaneously
sending almost error free digital transmission at 24 Mbps from farms
70 metres to 8.4 kilometres away." A detailed report on the trial is
available here.


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