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On 19/03/2011, at 11:44 AM, Roger Clarke wrote:

> Wasn't there something along these lines in the font-set that came 
> with the original Mac OS 1.0 in 1984?

All original Mac font had a world cities associated with it (thanks to Steve Jobs): Chicago, New York, Geneva, Monaco...

Each font was designed by Susan Kare, who also designed the original Mac OS icon set.

'Los Angeles' was a cursive hand-wirtten style, but few used it.

'San Francisco' was perfect for ransom notes.

The full list (from memory: and I still have an Imagewriter somewhere) was Athen, Cairo, Chicago, Geneva, Los Angeles, Monaco, New York, San Francisco, Venice - though I've also seen Toronto, London and a bitmapped dingbat style font, which used to be known as Taliesin, but changed to something else later on, or was dropped.


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