[LINK] Japan raises disaster level at Fukushima to 5

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At 11:09 PM 19/03/2011, Kim Holburn you wrote:
> > Days after global nuke experts declare 
> Fukushima Serious Business, Japan raises disaster level to 5
> >
> >
> > Japan's nuclear safety agency (NISA) today 
> raised the level of the crisis at the Fukushima 
> nuclear plant from level 4 (local consequences) 
> to level 5 (wider consequences, same level as 
> Three Mile Island), on the 7-point scale* 
> created by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
> >
> > NISA's assessment was declared retroactive to Tuesday.

"Yes, the IAEA has now formally listed the 
overall accident at an INES level 5 (see here for 
a description of the scales), up from the 
original estimate of 4. This is right and proper 
— but it doesn't mean the situation has escalated 
further, as some have inferred."


  This is an interesting website, written by a 
professor of climate change in Adelaide, who is 
also pro-nuclear, so presumably he knows a thing or two about both.


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