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A worthy purpose, but, poorly conceived, structured and also executed.

This is an effort by U.S. Government House Republicans to reach citizens
via social networks.

With a YouTube video, members Boehner and Chaffetz acknowledge that the
US Congress has not been good about using all the digital tools at its

Pledging to change that, they say they want to "bring Congress into the
21st century," and "use new tools to bring Congress closer to the people
it represents."

Americans are encouraged to respond to the YouTube video with comments
and suggestions, and follow the team’s progress by "liking" their 'Pledge
to America' on Facebook. It's intended to be bi-partisan in nature.

Have a look. They say ..


Washington, D.C. (Mar 16th) House Speaker John Boehner today announced
the formation of the House Technology Operations Team ..

Working together with the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer,
their technology support team, and the Committee on House Administration,
this newly-formed group will focus on enhancing external communications
technology, and expanding the dialogue between the American people and
their elected leaders.

"A critical component of House Republicans’ Pledge to America was the
promise to reform Congress and restore public trust in the institution. 

New technology and digital media are an important part of that process
and are helping to enhance the way we serve our constituents. I've asked
Rep. Chaffetz to lead a team of his colleagues in finding new ways to use
technology to make Congress more open, efficient and responsive to the
American people. I’m confident that Rep. Chaffetz will help the new
majority develop the more modern House of Representatives that Americans

And, hence: http://www.facebook.com/PledgeToAmerica



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