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Unis prepare for next Cloud wave
>Following a wave of migration to Cloud-based email systems for students
>and staff, Australian universities are preparing for the next migration
>trend, outsourcing instances of the popular Blackboard student resources
>portal to the vendorís own servers.

Do the providers of cloud services to universities gain access to the 
data in the documents, and to the messages that flow to and from 
staff-members and students?

e.g. does the student who discusses health or emotional or family 
problems with a staff-member provide their data to Google or MS?

Do the social networking arms of the conglomerate service-providers 
get to add the data arising from these documents and communications 
into the pool of data from which 'friends' are inferred?

The following study showed that many outsourced service providers 
grant themselves very substantial, and in some cases essentially 
unfettered, access to the personal data that they carry and store:

So ed institutions may be responsible for a massive gift of personal 
data to international corporations.

If so, they are in breach of at least the reasonable expectations of 
staff, students, and everyone that wants to communicate with them, 
but quite probably also in breach of the law.

The APF raised this with Universities Australia:

UA did everything they possibly could to avoid consultation:

I'd be delighted if someone can point me to the Terms under which any 
of these outsourcing deals work.

Google has about 100 documents that constitute Terms for various 
services and categories of customer, and there's a good chance that 
each individual University uses a customised set in any case.  (At 
least, that's how people used to do business in olden times).

If the situation is as dire as I fear it is, I'll be pleased to enter 
the witness box and provide evidence in support of the culpability of 
the institutions, and of the named individuals who derogated their 

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