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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Fri Mar 25 10:17:52 AEDT 2011

Paul Koerbin wrote:
> What Stil says is the basis under which we operate the PANDORA Archive which has the specific objective of making content available when the original is no longer online. We indeed have to seek from the publisher explicit licence under the Copyright Act to make the copies, preserve them and, the most complex aspect of this, make it publicly accessible.
> I suppose if there is a Creative Commons licence that says you can make copies and distribute with attribution you could do it, but otherwise you would need to seek licence as we do.

Just to add to Paul's comments. The NLA does specifically
nominate the source of their images, from where to seek

Via Trove and Picture Australia, I discovered a number of
photos of Annandale Post Office. The pictures were
identified in the NAA collection. However, the NAA has
referred me to Australia Post as the Copyright owners. To
whom I have made my request.

The photos were all dated as 1900 - though on the basis of
the changing landscape, I have now sequenced them.

At present all I provide is a timeline with links to the
photos and my own recent photo of the post office.


PS Bernard, the author may be quite happy for you to put
their document up on your website. However, if you were
doing this for authentication then that doesn't make a lot
of sense.

You may also be interested in checking out the citation
options that the NLA provides in trove.nla.gov.au

PPS The FOI Disclosure Log Discussion Paper discusses
Paper's Consultation Question 14 "Should the disclosure log
register indicate when information is likely to be removed
from an agency's or minister's website, or the date on which
information was in fact removed?

This question doesn't make sense to me. But I would be
interested to hear what linkers think. Comment on the 
discussion paper is invited here:
Marghanita da Cruz
Tel: 0414-869202

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